Pre-K and Kindergarten Field Trips

Our FarmExplorers field trips invite children from 2.5-5 years old to engage with the farm environment through their five senses. Observe which vegetables are growing on our farm in the season of your visit. All field trips include some walking to various features of our working organic farm. Choose one of four areas to focus the activity components of your field trip experience, and perhaps come back for another to see how our farm changes through the seasons!

Observe a variety of seeds and plant your own seed to take home or to school! Learn what a plant needs to get off to a great start in the beginning of its life.

Meet the wiggly farm residents that help us recycle food scraps into healthy soil. Learn what goes into compost and what does not and why this is important!

Our bees are busy, but do you know what they are so busy doing? Learn bee etiquette to safely observe honey bee hives and native bees at work around the farm. Interpret a waggle dance to find “nectar” like a honeybee!

Take some time to connect with our beautiful 100-year-old forest. Find a solo spot to sit and experience your surroundings through sight, sound, smell and feel. Get introduced to some of our most common native plant species.