FarmFundamentals Elementary


FarmFundamentals Field Trips consist of a brief introduction to the farm, followed by education stations throughout our 60-acre farm where students learn about a range of topics such as annual plant life cycles, basic soil science, the role of farms in our food system, season extension, and the connections between our farm and forest ecosystems.

Customize Your Farm Tour with Learning Modules

IMG_5482Journey along our forest trail to learn how the 12-hectare forest is connected to the rest of our farm. Discuss both the current and and historical relationships between farm and forest. Climb over and under logs and take in fresh air and beautiful scenery along the way. Enter the forest in silence to fully experience and connect with the forest’s magical beauty using all your senses!
Terms and concepts: old growth and second growth forests, First Nations and BC history, forestry industry, biodiversity
Unfortunately, our forest trail is not wheelchair accessible. Please select one of our other activities if the forest will not be a suitable option for any of your students.

This module is an extension of the Forest Walk for groups who would like to spend more time taking our 30-acres of forested land. Students will work together to explore select trees through touch and smell in our “Know Your Tree” blindfold activity. Students will also have the opportunity to explore various native plants in the forest using Plant ID cards, and learn ten of our most common native plants and their traditional uses. Have your class bring along a journal and some pencil crayons to sketch what they see!
The Forest Adventure module requires extra teacher/chaperone support! In this activity, the tour leader will take half the class to a nearby area for the “Know Your Tree” activity. The teacher/chaperone will be in charge of leading the other half of the class in the Plant ID activity. The teacher will be provided with all necessary materials and an outline of the activity. Each group will participate in both activities. When everyone has completed both activities, the class will reconvene for the remainder of the Forest Walk.
Terms and concepts: using our senses, describing observations, identifying native plants, biodiversity, some edible and medicinal properties of plants
Please only select this option if you are also selecting the Forest Walk.

All groups will get to see our flock of 150 laying hens, but does your group want to spend some extra time with them? Learn about the various roles chickens play on our farm, including how they help our veggies grow even better!

In this lesson, your students will learn what bees are so busy doing. Yes, they make us honey, but they also make 1/3 of the food we eat possible by pollinating our crops! Explore the meaning of pollination, roles of various bees in a honeybee colony, and native pollinators, too! Learn what you can do to help these essential allies.
Terms and concepts: native vs. introduced, domesticated, pollination, food systems, pollinators, biodiversity, insect life-cycles and habits, sustainability in the city

Most Vancouver schools have a green bin system, but do your students know what happens to their food scraps once they are thrown away? In Compost Critters, your students will experience the wonder of how food scraps transform into nutritious soil for our plants. Learn why worms and compost are not just “yucky” and how the compost cycle translates to a sustainable food system.
Terms and concepts: red wiggler worms, nutrient cycling, cycles as an indicator of sustainability, compost, soil

Learn the perfect recipe for garden soil! This activity explores the four ingredients of healthy soil: minerals (sand, silt or clay), organic material, air and water. Each component has an important job to support plant life and all of them must be in balance.
Terms and concepts: soil components, compost, geology, water cycle
This option has a small additional fee to cover the time required to manage materials.


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