FarmFundamentals Elementary


FarmFundamentals Field Trips consist of brief introductions to various spaces and education stations throughout our 60-acre farm where students go in depth about the topic of your choice with engaging activities.

Interpret resources to identify which plants can be started in each season and plant a seed to take with you. Take a tour of our established Children’s Learning Garden to get inspired for your own projects.

This program is ideal for groups who have access to a garden space and would like to have students equipped with the knowledge to take initiative in these spaces.

Our bees are busy, but do you know what they are so busy doing? Learn bee etiquette to safely observe honey bee hives and native bees at work around the farm. Take a trip to our honey bee hives to see what they are up to and play a game to better understand the process of pollination. Finally, learn some of the things you can do in your own backyard to help these important critters.

Did you know over half of the UBC Farm is forest? Learn the ways in which the forest helps the farm grow strong healthy vegetables and more about the relationships between these two environments. Identify common native plants and play a game that engages your senses of touch and scent to differentiate trees.